Win your ex-girlfriend back for only $47

“Discover Dirty Psychological Tricks To Quickly & Easily Win A Girlfriend Back After A Breakup…”

Such is the claim of Ex Girlfriend Guru Matt Huston. His system for winning back an ex-girlfriend claims to have an 83.6% success rate. 1 of my favorite courses in grad school was “Data Analysis.” Boring, sure, but it was quite insightful in demonstrating how incredibly easy it is to make just about any set of numbers you collect say just about whatever you want it to say.

The Guru’s system claims to solve 2 of your problems:

1. You’re going to get your ex girlfriend back.

2. After you get her back, you’re going to “train” her to treat you like a King.

Included in this package is the book “Ex2-How to Win Your Girlfriend Back” and a sure to be controversial guide to female psychology titled “Train Your Girlfriend.” Highlights from “Train Your Girlfriend” include:

Learn the little known method for “training” your girlfriend to behave in all the right ways. Say goodbye to bratty, bitchy mood swings for good! (See Pages #39 – 45)

The #1 most important thing ALL MEN must know before getting into a relationship. (See Page #13)

Discover the key to keeping your girlfriend attracted to you for as long as you want. Adopt these powerful secrets and you’ll be batting women off you like mosquitoes on blood. (See Page #19)

How to virtually “cheat proof” your girlfriend so she’ll become super loyal, very quickly. (See Page #33)

Ck. out the whole system at

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5 Responses to “Win your ex-girlfriend back for only $47”

  1. soonergirl Says:

    Jeez, aren’t they ex’s for a reason? 🙂

  2. Matt Says:

    This only works if SHE breaks up with ME, which is unthinkable. This posting is useless for me. Plus, I don’t have a girlfriend, I have a wife. You don’t want to mess with making an EX one of those.

  3. soonergirl Says:

    My advice to people that would buy that for $47 is to double it and pay for some therapy or a couple of good self-help books. 🙂 Great blog btw. 🙂

  4. Your Daily Chum Says:

    Thanks Soonergirl. It’s pretty rough, the layout. Waiting for my new logo/artwork…..hope to get things smoothed out soon.

  5. jaded4 Says:

    ooo we LOVE you!!! wooof woooof… pant pant pant… when do I get my cookie?

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