Video War retribution from the enemy comes quickly

Courtesy of Jon….that sick, sick bastard. I apologize that anyone reading this had to be drawn into my conflict with Jon and now Izzy as well. In a quest to out-mortify one another, we send awful videos to one another. It used to be private…but now that I’m blogging, we will all feel the pain. Collateral damage as they say……

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3 Responses to “Video War retribution from the enemy comes quickly”

  1. fakefoot Says:

    1. What’s up with the l’s being in white ink?

    2. I am glad that Billy’s friend isn’t named Lolly.

    3. I think I remember this video as a kid.

  2. fakefoot Says:

    Ahhh… I get the double ll’s its the double l sound!

    Go phonics!

  3. Becky Says:

    For that you must give back all of your “chumbucks”! You are sick and wrong.

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