Batman: The Dark Knight trailer spoof

I know, I know….lots of Batman content lately, but hey, this is pretty funny for being shot on a shoestring budget.

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5 Responses to “Batman: The Dark Knight trailer spoof”

  1. ~MidNight~ Says:

    This is the best thing I have ever seen. I laugh every single time I watch it. These guys are geniuses and I hope they continue to make classic, funny films/spoofs. The world needs true comic geniuses like these guys. I’m so tired of random crap with no point or plot. We need more comics like Craig Deering and Allen Murphy!!!

    oh…they are REALLY hot too…


  2. Your Daily Chum Says:

    Thanks for reading Craig and Allen…err…I mean, “Midnight.”


  3. Elliott Cobley Says:

    Hey guyz, i jst had to say bravo beacause you truly are comedy geniuses. love the craig and allen show, love all your spoofs, and in a horrible way love you sciene tests lol

    next year im making a reasonably low budget amateur film and hope it can be half as good as some oft he stuff you guys (and girlz) cum up with so keep it up 😉

  4. A. Dooring Fann Says:

    Fantastic, but I must say 47 is still my favorite :). I look forward to further viewage.
    Fanatically Yours,
    A. Dooring Fan

  5. Claudio Myrick Says:

    I think I enjoyed nearly everything that was released last year. Only a few were a bit of a let down but on the whole most of the big ones lived up to expectations. I think this year is going to be good too and I think there will be some more that will make us gasp. Avatar was great.

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