Russia to outlaw Emo?


Emo to be made illegal in Russia?

A new Russian law could make being an emo kid illegal in the eastern European country.

Legislation is currenting being formulated in Russia to heavily regulate emo websites and ban emo and goth dress style in schools and government buildings.

The new laws are apparently being driven by fears that these “dangerous teen trends” encourage depression and suicide.

The legislation was presented last month at a hearing held by the State Durma, where critics claimed that the “negative” emo culture encourages anti-social behaviour and glorifies suicide.

Emo kids were described as teenagers who wear black, have facial piercings and black hair with fringes that “cover half the face”, reports The Guardian

The weekend saw mass protests by Russian emo kids.

In Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, where laws are already being implemented, protestors in a march held signs saying “A Totalitarian State Encourages Stupidity”.

Dmitry Gilevich of Russian emo band MAIO stepped in backing the protests, saying: “Expressing psychological emotions is not forbidden by law.”

However, emo critics remain unconvinced.

Alexander Grishunin, an adviser to bill sponsor Yevgeny Yuryev, described a ban as necessary, stating: “This is the first step in the public discourse.”

The moves in Russia follow criticism of the genre in the UK earlier this year, which saw My Chemical Romance fans protesting at the offices of British newspaper The Daily Mail over their coverage which linked emo with suicide.


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47 Responses to “Russia to outlaw Emo?”

  1. Vivian Says:

    I find myself kinda emo,as I am a emotional person. I found out that emo is like that, it’s not me. Being this EMO should be banned,as emo children are simply too weird to be children. Instead they look like totally weird freaks. Please do NOT be emo, is all I can say.

  2. Hazel Says:

    Are u freakin kidding me? So I am not emo but that is totally nuts! What kind of stupid self-expression crushing bastard would make a retarded gay law like that!! It is just a freakin style and like all fashion trends it will be gone soon enough! I say leave it be. And i sure as hell am glad that I live in the USA!!!

  3. noi Says:


  4. Natasha Says:

    I think, in my sole perspective, that one describes himself as ’emo’ to gain attention from others. And that law is just hilarious.

  5. emoboy Says:

    wtf is this? fuck russia…

  6. emokid Says:

    people leave the emos alone there just like everyone in the world!!!

  7. EmoZ Says:

    He is so ugly ! :O

    Il est vraiment laid ! :O

  8. whatever Says:

    way to go russia!

  9. trully_EMO Says:

    aw c’mon… that’s just not fair 😦
    even the government don’t understand me *sob sob*

    *get a razor*
    *slit my wrist*

  10. Manda Says:

    omg what is this world coming to? Banning Russian teens from being emo coz it encourages suicide and depression? Pathetic!! Whoever came up with this should just get a gun to his head and blow it off. Instead of thinking about real issues that affect people they go trying to stop kids from doing whatever they want. Why not just chuck all people who wear black and have piercings into a cell. I mean they are ALL emo right?………

    Pfft gotta love stereotypes :\

  11. Peter Hubbell (Emo and proud) Says:

    OK, that is messed up. I say emo and proud of it, because i used to cut my wrists, and i tried to kill myself twice. and each time i tried to kill myself, something inside stopped me. i have now come to realize that it was my friends. i couldn’t leave them. anyone who can kill themselves is already dead, because they have given up hope. everyone else who finds something worth staying alive for can go on to help others find it even faster.

    So basically:
    People who kill themselves = dead long before they actually kill their body
    People who chose not to kill themselves = really helpful to others going through the same problem
    Banning a certain type of dress = FUCKING USELESS

    That’s all

  12. moose Says:

    they should be banned for being annoying not suicidle. emos are fuckwits and annoying one at that

  13. that half emo kid Says:

    wtf?! i am Russian, I’m sorta emo, and i think this is all crap! i have never sliced my wrist or something stupid like that( tho i’ve tried to kill myself once)
    and seirously, wtf is their problem?! any1 who agree’s with this russian thing is a gay bastard, emo kids aren’t little freaks like u called us vivan we’re just like any1 else, we stand for somethig, like girlie girls and tomboys and hippies,we’re still ppl! and this is for the gay russian bastard who made up that law: DO GO DIE SOMEWHERE!!!!!!!!!! we don’t need retard gay bastards controlling our lives!!!

  14. Rhiannon Says:

    Wow, i thought russia would be the last country to turn into a fascist society.

    Tell me again……..When in history do you remember a group of people who where band in public places and was treated as minor beings? Ohyes, i remeber now, that was in Nazi Germany, and guess what russia? It didn’t really turn out well, did it?

  15. HELLO MY NAME IS: Says:

    I am absolutely disagreeing with that rule, but we can’t do anything except revolution, Because Stupid People Don’t Listen To Intelligent one… And please stop saying ”gay” in your reply, It Can’t be gay, it’S a RULE rule doesn’t have sexual orientation and that could be blessing for gay people..

  16. james Says:

    this law is fucking bullshit! emos like to express themselves physically so what! i fink their cool. i like the thought of suicide and im negative nd hate life like an emo but i dont wear the clothes or hair. im only 13 nd av blonde hair, if i had black i would go ‘the full emo’
    but that law is a load of crap

    people who reply after this msg put EMO at beginnin of ur msg if u fink this law is shit!


  17. ~~MoNsTeR!!~~ Says:

    wtf kind of rule is this!?! what is bannig a style of dress going to do….?
    leave it to russia to get to the root of the problems……….

  18. Axel Says:

    I think the dude in the picture is a poser, anyone who claims to be emo is a poser and just tries to be “accepted.” Emo isn’t bad, and I hate using that term to describe people. if someone cuts their wrists and shows it to others, that person is a total poser. This law, if it would be passed, would devastate real depressed kids into suicide, giving more reason to their depression that their country that they were born in/love is rejecting and punishing them for who they are, and the posers will either follow suit or fall to the government. this law is stupid and inappropriate.

  19. DangerrItsEmoDanii Says:

    As soon as I read this I was like ‘Wtf?’

    I mean c’mon.
    What’s wrong with us Emo’s?


    I mean, Russia?
    Ban Emo?
    Like, How exactly ya gonna do that?
    Ban Makeup?
    People with black hair/black hair dye?
    Black clothes?
    Emo Music?



  20. Ziggy Says:

    so basicly in russia id be breaking laws…. god bless the us of a o.o

  21. jack Says:

    THIS IS THE MOST UNBELIVABLE THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. i am emo and proud of it….. if i lived in this country and it bacame illegal….. i would be in jail…………..i still can’t belive it……..

  22. emo4life Says:

    all i have to say is…………. kill the person that came up with this………..

  23. haha Says:

    stupid law although emo posers like the guy in it are annoying and self harming is just retarded, if they wanna self harm let em just dont give em any help if they need it

  24. emo Says:

    this is stupid. persecuting people because they look and act different.

  25. xXEmOxX Says:

    u russian ppl are fucking insane!!! emo kids ….just leave em the fuck alone,and i say that cuz im emo,im sooo fucking glad 2 be in the USA u crazy russian loose hoes -slits wrists-

  26. Cao-Cao Says:


    WHAT IS THIS? Ijust had a big fantasy of me going in a government building and dressing the way I do and… xD

    I don’t want to sound geeky by saying it…. Anyway. Leave them alone, they are super sexy :3

  27. ZOMFEMO Says:




  28. asian Says:

    fuck Russia
    every single person in this god damn world has a right to be whoever they want to be. It’s not fair for people to judge them just because they don’t like what they do. So what if those certain people that you don’t like are bitchy or they do what they do to seek attention or their just assholes, IGNORE THEM you fucking dicks. Them being assholes isn’t your problem, it’s theirs. So case and point, those kids being emo is their problem and if it bothers you ignore it plain and simple

  29. Inuoko-sama Says:

    I’m like…a bit over half emo now (the rest punk), but the thing here is that that law is retarded. To be honest, being emo has been the best thing for me. While looking emo, and wearing my emotions on my sleeves, it’s not for attention (at least for me it’s not), but to “get my emotions out”. Holding them in is too painful, so when I show them, I feel a bit better. And now, I rarely feel suicidal, a little less depressed, and I have NEVER cut myself. By staying emo, I am free to express my emotions when I need to. Is it wrong to show your feelings? No. Many people hide them from the world to be considered “normal”, but aren’t true to themselves.

    I told my mom that I was often depressed, but apparently like the Russian who made that law, she didn’t believe me, and before I knew it I was becoming emo. She thought I just wanted to be “cool”. Last time I checked, harming/thinking about harming yourself isn’t “cool”. Only emo-posers think that.

  30. Katie Says:

    This is stupid! You don’t have to have tried to kill yourself or cut your wrists to be emo! and Rhiannon does have a point…this is just idiotcy.

  31. D Says:

    Emo is pathetic you cant let kids get away with everything, otherwise they will get away with everything makes sense right. What is that kid in the picture expressing? As far as Im concerned Russia’s law would be great and Im from the US. If your an emotional person why go through all the trouble to show it, to put on makeup and the rest. Why is Russia rising? why are American kids some of the dumbest kids in the world? Could it be cause parents dont “parent”!!!!!!

  32. Kayce Says:

    OK OK OK first off the kid the the picture is not a fucking
    emo WTF… He makes the rest of us look like idiots…
    emo is about expressing your feelings you know stuff like that……

  33. Kunoichi Says:

    WTF?!? This whole thing is stupid. People should have the right to express themselves. I am emo and I have slit my wrists before, but it’s my choice to do so or not. If they were suicidal, they would have already been dead. And that picture is a freaking joke, it depicts us as stupid idiots. I think the thing Russia is doing is stupid, there’s no point. If they get rid of emo they’ll have to get rid of goth, punk, and preppy. Especially the preps, they freak me out! J/K, sorta.

  34. Erica Says:

    fucking stupid but hey lifes a bitch get over it and thats kid in the picture is the uglyist kid i’ve ever seen put a bag over that head i thought emus were supossed to be sexy lol

  35. XxcutelittleemoxX Says:

    listen goth lover i have a question for ya. why do you think us emos are pussies. we more brave than goth by cutting. so shut your hole

  36. Gary S Says:

    I wish they would ban emo in the UK
    fucking hate emos,it annoys me how tons of people have just joined this annoying fashion or style or whatever
    and they do all the exact same stuff like ,say rofl,”much” or “muchly” at the end of something and these irratating things ^_^ also “OMG LOLZ” i could go on but i really dont want to

  37. Emogirl Says:

    I want to petition to outlaw being a prep or a jock because they pick on kids and then kids commit suicide. Being emo isn’t about crying, cutting, and a haircut. Those are all optional, being emo is about self expression. We dress in skinny jeans and dye our hair because we want to stand out and be different from all the conformed popular assholes. And they had to pick the ugliest emo kid in the world to represent us. That’s bullshit. Discrimination. Conformation. Illegal? Pssht, try and fucking stop us Russia. Fuck Russia.

  38. EMO_SH*T_=^_^= Says:

    I agree with Emogirl. F*uck RUSSIA!!!! heeheeXD

  39. EmO_HoW_BoUt_ThAt!!!! Says:

    They can not change how a person wants to live because then thats gonna maybe go to far and drive all the emo kids to kill them selves or run away. Not saying that will happen for sure. It’s usually a sterio type. Then, when it does you’ll be the one’s to blame. Oh, and thats a stupid pick was that you and your lame a$$ moma dress you up like a gay goth retard. Think before you post something that stupid online. Oh, and another thing, Vivan, Gary S, and all those other stupid haters. Get a life that doesn’t involve cock sucking. =^_^= AND QUIT DICKING AROUND!!!!

  40. Russian blood Says:

    lol thats frikin hillarious. the little spuds arent hurtin no one but them selves…. and they are allways there when u want to hit something because your pissy, dunk or just damn bored

  41. xX-Lucifer Archangel Darkheart-Xx Says:

    Ok, where to begin… how about a small introduction?
    I’m from the UK and I’m a punk/goth
    Right, now for the argument!
    For starters is the stereotype, how wrong is that? Emo’s don’t only wear black! I myself have a kick-ass fringe hiding half my face! (The rest is back-combed) and I have piercings!
    Goth was mentioned once in this report, and I for one among many am insutled, shocked, and appalled!!
    ‘Depressed and suicidal’ talk about a stupid typical description! Some of us goths and emos have our reasons to be that way, but we’re not all like that!
    But… banning 2 of the worlds most popular subcultures? (through-out time that is) That’s pathetic!
    We all have a right to express ourselves, in any way we want!
    So, this is from me Russia…

    (PS: Others looking at this message, don’t take anything the wrong way, I have absolutely nothing against emos, the real ones anyway, I’m in total agreement with those against this law)

  42. WTFFF!?!?!? Says:

    HOLLY SHIT! I think this rule suxxxx so hard there is nothing left! They arent worring about the nuclear shit that could kill us all and worrying bout KIDS. KIDS FOR FUCKING HELL! I hope that the bastard that make this law dies in a black ditch.

  43. dirga emo generation Says:

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  44. gahbi Says:

    haha GO RUSSIA !!! totally agree with this BAN EMO !!!! i love the russians clever asses why cant britian do this ??

  45. THP Says:

    It’s just disappointing how adults are giving all teenagers a bad name. You’re either a “chav”, or an “emo”; either way you’re loitering and causing trouble.

    This law will do absolutely nothing. “Emo” is a fashion trend that has turned into a stereotype, which, most of the time, isn’t true. Suicide and depression are serious problems that anyone can suffer from, not just emos. If they honestly think this’ll do any good then they’re wrong.

    And to be honest, anyone who either supports this just so there won’t be anymore kids in wearing black and covered in piercings running around, or is against it just so they don’t have anyone to bully can get a life. It’s these people who probably gave emos the suicidal stereotype to begin with.

    Stereotypes are pointless, but it seems our entire society is structured around them. Strange, that.

  46. Xx Emo_All_The_Way! =] Says:


    I’m so fucking annoyed!!!
    I’m 15 and I consider myself an ’emo’ although i hate people calling me it. There’s different parts of being emo… listening to ’emo’ music, dressing ’emo’ and acting ’emo’. I do the first two but not the last. I’ve never slit my wrists or felt so sorry for myself. I have sliced my fingertips though, but it’s just a way of releasing pressure ans stress. Some people have accupuncture which i think is just as demented as self harming, but because the Chinese say it’s ok then it’s obviously ok. People outside the ’emo’ culture think that it’s all black hair, metalled face, depression and sadness… But that is soooo rediculous! I’m probably the happiest person out of my friends and my ‘chav’ friends are more depressed than any of my ’emo’ friends because they either take drugs or come from broken homes. If the UK banned ’emo’ then i would just ignore the stupid retards because people see someone dressed ’emo’ and assume they’re depressed or whatever! I think Russia should be ashamed of themselves for picking ’emos’ out when there are way more important things to be worrying about!

    Dear Russia,
    Kiss My Ass!!!

    Now I’ve finished my rant I feel a lot better to be honest…

    Emo_Lover! =]

  47. new at emo Says:

    i’m new at the emo thing. I cant believe that russia is doing this for god sake its a dress not like just cause we dress different from everybody eles dont make a damn differences

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