Texas (big surprise) police raid swingers’ club with guns drawn to stop consenting adults from having sex

Well, I’m sure everyone is so much safer now.  Moral busybodies….<sighs>.  Does anyone else think that police preventing people from exercising their free will over their own bodies, either through sex or drug usage, must really cost a pretty penny?  It’s for your safety!


DUNCANVILLE – Police raided a notorious swingers’ club Saturday night, confiscating personal property from more than 50 people who were there.

Duncanville police executed a search warrant at the club, the Cherry Pit, which has been the subject of a Duncanville ordinance that bans sex clubs.

No one was arrested.

“They had guns drawn when they busted down the door,” said Ed Klein, the Cherry Pit’s attorney. “You’d have thought this was some kind of meth lab.”

A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the ordinance was scheduled to be heard this week, but was postponed.

The search warrant alleges violations of the city ordinance, including operating a sex club in a residential neighborhood.

Jim Trulock, 59, and Julie M. Norris, 30, operate the club at their house in the 1300 block of North Cedar Ridge Drive.

City officials have said that the club is a public nuisance that is “detrimental to the health, safety and welfare of the city of Duncanville.”

Duncanville officials declined to be interviewed this afternoon, but did issue a news release.

“The Cherry Pit, located in a Duncanville neighborhood, is advertised as a swingers’ club and has been previously cited for violating the City of Duncanville Code of Ordinances,” it said.

Mr. Trulock has received 10 citations, five for operating a sex club and five for operating a sexually oriented business without a license, city public information officer Tonya Lewis said.

Duncanville police said this afternoon that they were still cataloguing the evidence collected. The city wasn’t releasing details about what was found, but Mr. Klein said wallets, credit cards and purses were confiscated.

Mr. Klein said guests were photographed, and police took their work information before letting them go early Sunday morning.

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3 Responses to “Texas (big surprise) police raid swingers’ club with guns drawn to stop consenting adults from having sex”

  1. Matt Says:

    Took their WORK information??? What the heck???

  2. ian Says:

    does the word consenting adults not mean anything to these people ! – its a private event so why raid them like this! – crazy next time why not just do what the rest do and find some public place & dog! then see them having a fit

  3. luxxxuria Says:

    What’s crazy is, if you could look into the private sexual lives of many of our public officials, you will find that they live lives way more deviant than that of a swinger. They are adulterers, child molesters, wife abuser, and have many fetishes that many of us would cringe at.

    Unfortunately there status gives them a blanket of anonymity over who they really are beneath the badge, robe or uniform. How fun is it, that everyday you turn on the TV theres another Official who’s true Sexual Self has come to light, they same OPPRESSIVE people who tell you how to live your life as a consenting adults.

    What is done in the Dark always comes to the light!

    AL & Vanessa

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