Air Guitar 2008 Regionals in Brooklyn, NY: Winner loses a toe

Now that’s some dedication. Apparently, contestant Bettie B. Goode really needed that extra push to win the Regional final.

The second round saw some solid routines – my favorite was Fender Splendor, until Shreddy Mercury absolutely lit it up with a routine that may or may not have given me a boner. Then, it happened. Bettie B. Goode started her routine by jumping off the stairs you take to get from backstage to on-stage. She promptly ran up to the balcony, climbed over the railing, onto the plexi-glass awning above the soundbooth that is, presumably, there to prevent drinks from the balcony falling on the sound equipment – that is to say, not meant to support the weight of a full-grown human being, no matter how slight or dainty her build. Bettie then ran over to the judge’s table where we all got a good look at her pinky toe, which by then, was broken in half, bleeding, with white bone showing. She beat out the two technically superior contestants, but I mean… Bone was showing. She was declared the winner and promptly whisked away to the emergency room. Which just goes to show… In Air Guitar, sometimes when you win, you actually… are insane.

Did I mention bone was showing?

Read more at the U.S. Air Guitar’s Official Blog of the U.S. Air Guitar Championships

Check out Lance the Shred’s performance from the competition to get an idea of what Air Guitar really looks like….or doesn’t look like. Lance has some killer videos on his Youtube channel, as well. Here’s just a small sample. He apparently is an air-mulit-instrumentalist.

Lance tearing it up(?) with an Air-drum solo

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One Response to “Air Guitar 2008 Regionals in Brooklyn, NY: Winner loses a toe”

  1. Matt Says:

    Wow, is that retarded. Take a fun idea and make it into a competition? No thanks.

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