If I’ve said it once, I’ve said a 1000 times: Don’t try to domesticate a rattlesnake you find in your yard

BLOOMING GROVE — A 69-year-old man was bitten Thursday by a timber rattlesnake that he was keeping as a pet, police said.
Guy Gravenson was airlifted to Jacobi Medical Center in New York City from his home in Mountain Lodge Park. Jacobi was the closest hospital with anti-venom, Blooming Grove police said. Gravenson’s status was not immediately available. Police said he was vomiting blood when they arrived at his home, an effect of the snake’s toxic venom. Gravenson kept the snake in a glass fish tank, and was bitten while handling it around 1 p.m.
A snake handler captured the snake and released it into the wild. Timber rattlesnakes are indigenous here, especially in mountainous regions. It’s illegal to kill or handle them without a state permit.
Adam Bosch


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