Creepy…very creepy Amy Grant music video: “It’s Not a Song”

I have a longstanding war with a good friend of mine. We send mortifying videos back and forth to one another. He apparently didn’t appreciate my dedicating B4-4’s ghastly video for “Get Down” to him, so he responded in kind with this awful video by Amy Grant. It’s got cheesy music (a must for our long-running feud) as well as 1980’s graphics, and a very bizarre concept which features Amy walking through a junkyard late at night while homeless people go all West-Side story on her ass. Naturally, the video concludes with Amy wandering into a retirement home where the residents have terrifying old person masks. Priceless.

You can thank Jon for this. What he had intended for evil…well, I also intend for evil, but towards all of you that read this.

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3 Responses to “Creepy…very creepy Amy Grant music video: “It’s Not a Song””

  1. Matt Says:

    Now I hate both you AND Jon, whoever he is…JERKS!

  2. John Newberry Says:

    I believe i may kill myself after seeing that video…
    I can’t get the image of the old lady break dancing out of my head!

  3. bookmole Says:

    Dear God

    I searched for scary music videos and I found this! Please help me to scrub the memory from my brain.

    Thank you.


    ps – this must have the cheesiest lyrics ever.

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