Zombie Survival Kit….speaking of zombies.

TechEBlog brings you a must-have for the inevitable zombie apocalypse. Featuring a shotgun, shells, riot shield, and machete, the Emergency Zombie Defense Station should help give anyone a fighting chance against the undead.

Be sure to check out The Ultimate Zombie Survival Guide video below.  It just may save your life one day.

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6 Responses to “Zombie Survival Kit….speaking of zombies.”

  1. i wanna eat you mom Says:

    can i buy one of those?

  2. Nick Says:

    I seriously need that, seriously, can I buy one from you guys, please.

  3. Lauren Says:


  4. lizzy Says:

    totally want one of these for christmas

  5. sean Says:

    ya might want to add some 1.5″ washers to prevent the screws from ripping/breaking through your plexi. love the idea though. looks great!

  6. sean Says:

    (on the front)

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