Extreme Kayaking

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Plummeting into a lake from the top of a waterfall may not sound like the best way to get your kicks – especially when you are in a kayak.

But for professional photographer Lucas Gilman it represents the perfect picture.

This spectacular image shows professional kayaker Pat Keller plunging 20ft from La Paz Waterfall in Costa Rica in 2005, and is one of many that make up Lucas’s portfolio of extreme kayaking.

“I want to show the power of water and how inconsequential the kayaker is compared to the power of the water,” said Mr Gilman, 31, from Western Colorado, USA. “Every time a kayaker goes over a waterfall of more t

Travelling across the world Lucas has captured some of the most exciting kayaking runs in Brazil, Mexico, India and the USA.

His attempts to secure the best photographs force him abseil down mountains and battle snakes, spiders and deadly bugs.

He said: “To get the best shot you have to get to the best location to shoot, which may be in the base of a gorge. These are place people don’t usually want to go.”


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  1. Matt Says:

    That is what you call a death wish…good grief!

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