Worst NBA lottery picks of all time

The top 14 worst NBA lottery picks according to ESPN.com. Only 1 Detroit Piston listed. Damn you Darko……

#1 ranked Worst NBA Lottery pick of all time-Kwame Brown

Full list here

Here’s a video of Darko Milicic, #2 Worst Lottery pick, after his Serbian national team lost to Greece in the 2007 Eurobasket 2007. He was super pissed and promised a rather vulgar, and specific revenge on the referees and their families. He’s got fire, this kid. NSFW subtitles.

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One Response to “Worst NBA lottery picks of all time”

  1. Travis Says:

    A lot of people say that the pistons should have picked Melo over Darko. But remember they didn’t have Rasheed yet so actually Chris Bosh was perfect.

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