Sharp’s 108” LCD TV on sale for $185,000

Sharp recently announced that it will begin selling its 108” LCD TV in the U.S. in September and if you are planning on buying Sharp’s 108” TV you may want to hold off on that next Ferrari.

Big TVs always have been expensive. If you are looking beyond mainstream you are quickly in the five figures, which can be hit with 63”-65” plasma and LCD TVs. High-end premium TVs such as Sony’s 70” Bravia XBR currently sell for about $30,000, while Panasonic’s 103” plasma TV has held the top spot with about $70,000 for more than a year. Adding inches on top of that will cost you quite some cash, at the tune of $23,000 per inch.

Retailers have begun selling (link to German website) Sharp’s LB-1085 108” LCD TV in Europe with prices starting at about 120,000 Euro – about $185,000 at the current exchange rate. Expect this TV to be a very special order, as you cannot simply pick it up (which will be quite difficult considering the TV’s weight of 430 pounds), but will have to wait 16 weeks until the device will be delivered.

Besides its large size, the TV does not provide unexpected technical features (sorry, no quad HDTV). The resolution is 1920x1080p, the brightness 400 cd, the contrast ratio 1200:1 and the response time 6 ms.

Sharp maintains that the LB-1085 will hit these shores this September and we are quite certain that the TV won’t cost $185,000 here. But plan on spending about $150,000, our sources indicated.


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2 Responses to “Sharp’s 108” LCD TV on sale for $185,000”

  1. Chessia Says:

    WHOA! I can’t believe a TV costs more than most people’s homes! I know I know, technology is becoming masterful and I should believe it, but still, wow. Remember the days when pixellated dos computer programs and Atari were badass? Well, if you don’t feel like shelling out the serious dollars for the LCD magic, hop onto Facebook and add the Life Changing Box app. I am PR repping it at the moment and its great for spicing up Facebook stalking. If you ‘touch’ a box and it opens while its in your possession, you win big LCD tvs, (no, not 108″, more like 52″, but I am not greedy) or trips to nyc to see teh yankees. Thanks for the #s on the big tvs by the way, who knew tv coudl be such an experience. Good luck!

  2. madeaw Says:

    Samsung LN32B460
    Great LCD television – noticeable contrast ratio upgrade versus last years A-series 450’s. Easy set-up, very light, amazing color reproduction, very clear, sharp, and low glare. Wonderful LCD television for a great price!

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