Bus driver chooses the road less traveled.

Not sure what caused this. Pick a culprit, and then ask for it to be legislated out of existence. It’s the American way.

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3 Responses to “Bus driver chooses the road less traveled.”

  1. ghotiboy1 Says:

    I’m not sure I understand your comments but that was a flippin’ awesome video. The guy just decided he was done driving shuttle buses and thought he would take some cars with him.

  2. Your Daily Chum Says:

    I meant like it was caused by driver:

    1. talking on cellphone
    2. chewing gum
    3. drinking coffee

    the point was that it’s a natural knee-jerk reaction to call for whatever contributed to the accident to be made illegal.

  3. fakefoot Says:

    Whoa… that bus trashed those sedans in the parking lot… right over the top… BAM!

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