Childbirth wonder drug can “cure” shyness

Scientists seem to disregard the time-tested drugs that already exist for curing shyness. Curiously, while not used in childbirth like the drug in this article, it often leads to childbirth.

It can turn anything from job interviews to the most routine of family gatherings into a sweat-inducing ordeal.

But a ‘love drug’ produced naturally by the body during sex and childbirth could offer hope to the millions of people blighted by shyness, scientists have said.

Investigators believe oxytocin – a natural hormone that assists childbirth and helps mothers bond with newborn babies – could become a wonder drug for overcoming shyness.

Feel more confident today!

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One Response to “Childbirth wonder drug can “cure” shyness”

  1. birthnavigators Says:

    Yes oxytocin is the love drug: nipple stimulation, erection, orgasm and childbirth are all part of the delivery of this drug to a person. It is made internally, in your head, where love really resides, not in the heart. Men sometimes are requested to help stimulate their mates to achieve delivery of this hormone to their mates in childbirth, as a natural way to stimulate contractions. However, artificially made pitocin is often the answer from the medical community who use drugs as their antidote for everything. Birth is very much a sexual event, so unless you like IVs, I don’t think the unnatural pitocin is the way to go. Women need the serenity of a birth to get a natural childbirth going in the right direction — ever wonder when the c-section rate has gone from like 4% in the early 1960s to 32 percent in 2009.

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