Canadian court overrules father’s grounding of his daughter

First thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.
–William Shakespeare

First, the father banned his 12-year-old daughter from going online after she posted photos of herself on a dating site. Then she allegedly had a row with her stepmother, so the father said his girl couldn’t go on a school trip.

The girl took the matter to the court – and won what lawyers say was an unprecedented judgment.

Madam Justice Suzanne Tessier of the Quebec Superior Court ruled on Friday that the father couldn’t discipline his daughter by barring her from the school trip.

“She’s becoming a big girl. … It’s a unique event in her life,” Ms. Fortin said. (girl’s lawyer_

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2 Responses to “Canadian court overrules father’s grounding of his daughter”

  1. ron amyo Says:

    The court (the government) shows no respect for the family, for parents, for citizens; therefore, in there disrepute, we should not show any respect for them either and discourage any contact or cooperation. Our government being the Judiciary and Bureaucracy, which never changes needs to be disciplined by their bosses, the parliament. But it is run by weak and ignorant politicians. Does Honorable Day refers to day dreaming and is the government misspelled and should be BureanuCRAZY

  2. Pastor Dave Hale Says:

    It seems the court’s interest will allow the minor to live unprotected by the family unit? Is the court saying that they will protect the minor from internet influences and concequences for their actions and be able to make decisions on what the child can and cannot do? This seems to be the demise of the family unit in Canada and further encroachment into the lives of it’s citizens by the courts and the government.
    Stand up families and resist this abuse! If you don’t, you are giving your rights to being parents away and there will be no excuse for the consequences for your actions!
    Pastor Dave

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