Redneck Prom

We got a good response to both Ghetto Prom, and Oompa-Loompa (Guido) Prom so we thought we’d continue the prom theme. Hope you enjoy today’s submission: Redneck Prom. Thanks to our readers who tipped us off to these pics. As always feel free to add your own captions in the comment field.

1. What may appear obvious to you and I, will probably take these 6 young ladies years to realize.

2. Stretch Chevy seats 12 plus a still.

3. No face, no taste.

4. I know I’ve been married for awhile when I notice how nobody matches before I spot the Confederate flag.

5. Now this is a very, very important specimen. It would seem that we have achieved successful cross-breeding between a guido and a redneck. This has happened before in specific environments; prison, the Army, but it is very rare in regular society. This certainly demands follow-up.

6. I’m guessing her family recently won the lottery or finally received a cash settlement from that highly questionable accident which cost her momma her pinky.

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4 Responses to “Redneck Prom”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    That is quite an amazing specimen: Hillbillius douchebagollum.

    “What may appear obvious to you and I, will probably take these 6 young ladies years to realize.” – brilliant!

  2. lisa Says:

    Does anyone notice there’s 7 guys and only 6 girls? Which girl is pulling double duty?

  3. Becky Says:

    I am suspecting from the looks of those guys, they didn’t really have dates, and those girls are just posing to make them feel better.

  4. new yorker girl Says:

    hey i have been to a few proms im a senior this year and im not a southern girl but (top photo) if those are the type of men at a redkneck then you can count me in. its not a northern style but girls love the muscle tux……not feelin the rebel flag dress design though

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