Top 25 worst sitcoms of all time

ABC’s “Cavemen” was only #5 if that gives you an idea of what to expect. If you’re going to make a sitcom based on a commercial, the AFLAC duck has got to be your first call. Anyway, I had a crush on the daughter from “My Two Dads” so they really shouldn’t have messed with that one. A mix of old school and newer shows…..some of these clunkers lasted for several seasons, quality be damned!

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One Response to “Top 25 worst sitcoms of all time”

  1. nottalking Says:

    What makes My Two Dads so upsetting about being on that list (Giovanni Ribissi…how could you?) is the fact that it shares print space with Homeboys in Outerspace. Really? I mean, really?

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