Former NBA player Jason Caffey now bankrupt, but well on his way to fathering a baker’s dozen….

He’s got 10 with 8 different women already, he’s well on his way!


Former Chicago Bull Jason Caffey is in some seriously deep doo doo for allegedly stiffing one of his ten kids — yes, ten — out of child support.

A Georgia judge initially ordered Caffey to the clink in 2007 after he got $100K behind in support payments to Lorunda Brown, the mother of one of his sons. That order was subsequently put on hold when the baller cried broke and filed for bankruptcy.

Brown’s lawyer now wants to know, penny by penny, where all of Caffey’s jack went — including the $35 million that he made in his last NBA contract.

BTW, Caffey had those ten kids with eight women. That’s King Baby Daddy to you.

Caffey’s lawyer said they’ll be there at this week’s hearing to deal with the case.

And speaking of athletes who are also all about sharing the love, ck. out this list, and click on the link to see the complete list, courtesy of 100% Injury Rate


Shawn Kemp – 7 illegitimate kids by 6 women. Gives his nickname of the Reign Man new meaning.
Evander Holyfield – 9 illegitimate kids. “Heck I’m not even mad, I’m impressed!”
Ex-San Antonio Spur Willie Anderson – 9 illegitimate kids. If only his field goal percentage had been as high as his impregnation rate.
Derrick Thomas – 7 illegitimate kids by 5 women. He died at 33. Let’s just leave it at that.
Ray Charles – Not an athlete, but still had 9 illegitimate kids and 12 total, which is quite impressive. Being blind must have made it tough to get that condom on.
UPDATE: Don’t know how we missed this – thanks to a reader for pointing this out to us – Calvin Murphy reportedly had 14 illegitimate kids by 9 women. Wow.

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4 Responses to “Former NBA player Jason Caffey now bankrupt, but well on his way to fathering a baker’s dozen….”

  1. Seamus O'Malley Says:

    Honestly……does anyone expect something different from Black males?
    Stereotypes exist for a reason. They dont magically appear out of thin air, nor do they go away because the government & media bombard us with propaganda & brainwashing.

    They are who we thought they were. Diversity is a lie.

  2. DJ Says:

    I expect different from black males. The NBA is a professional league of around 400 active players currently. The vast majority (about 82%) of those players happen to be black, which accounts for almost 330 of those athletes. This list hardly comprises any measurable fraction of black males. The reason this stereotype exists is for the same reason many individuals believe there are more blacks on welfare, when in actuality, whites share in a larger portion of public assistance-propaganda.

  3. Seamus O'Malley Says:

    You may expect different from black males – but nobody else does.

    Since the great propaganda machine of Hollywood has cast black actors as Doctors, Scientists, Mathematicians, etc.. The lower IQ population seems to believe its true. The fact is…any trip to a hospital will reveal few if any black doctors. A trip to any respected University will reveal few if any black Scientists or Mathematicians. Despite the fact that black actors are cast on CSI as witty, clever, wise, investigators – the truth is few exist anywhere USA.
    What does exist is the stereotype. After more than 40 years since Civil Rights & the “Great Diversity Lie” – Blacks havent risen to the occasion. Its been more than 130 years since the Emancipation Proclomation & they still use excuses. The “Great Diversity Lie” hasnt leveled the playing field for Blacks. It has taught them they have special programs that they can use as a crutch. AA, EOE, EHO, NAACP, ADL, UNCF, and 100s of other programs that exist to give blacks an unfair advantage over everyone else have failed.
    Educational institutions tried desperately to raise black test scores w/ zero success. They instituted bussing & forced integration to complete failure. They tried “no child left behind” & “head start”. Both failed. The final alternative was to lower the education standards for all kids, so black kids would appear to be getting smarter from the special programs the “Great Diversity Lie” created. The Bell Curve was buried. DNA testing was hidden.
    People were fooled for awhile. But, white parents noticed their kids were getting dumber. World test scores bolstered that assumption. Gradually year after year since the “Great Diversity Lie” & the “Great Plaigeriser” MLK – American children became dumber & dumber to the point that 3rd world nations with practically no resources, in complete poverty have smarter kids than the USA does today. The blacks didnt get smarter – the rest got dumber. Recently, weve seen the phenomena of homeschooling. At first it was laughed at, but when the white children started winning every spelling bee around – the govt started heavy legislation that virtually killed homeschooling. Why? Because it would make white children smarter again. When homeschooled children in 8th grade were smarter than Seniors in inner city public schools – Homeschooling was butchered. The propaganda of black history month has come to far to lose control now.
    The “Great Diversity Lie” & Affirmative Action forced large business to hire a percentage of blacks. Govt. enforced it with law. Discrimination lawsuits put many companies out of competition. Dumber black employees hurt the bottom line. Creativity was void & white, hispanic & asian workers had to pick up the slack of the lazy black employee. The black employee knew all he had to do was show up. They would never be fired because the “Great Diversity Lie” protected them. They went to great lengths to test this law, practically daring employers to fire them. In the end – major corporations found better tax incentives & more productive employees overseas. The “Great Diversity Lie’ killed the once awesome American workforce. The Liberal Black loving Bill Clinton didnt help w/ NAFTA either.
    Recent history & the degradation of the USA arent the only factors why people expect this behavior from blacks. Distant history is an even better picture. Greeks & Romans had plumbing before Jesus Christ was born. They had devised methods to bring in fresh water & remove waste water 100s of years B.C.. Today – 2010 – Most African countries still dont have plumbing. They cant seem to manage this simple concept. They still poop in the dirt & bury it like cavemen. Things like irrigation for crops & agriculture in general escape the woolly headed human. Nearly every invention you use today was brought to you by white people. From electricity, cars & computers to NASA the facts are undeniable. History outside of the USA or in it reveals the same results. Black people are stupid. And yes….with 1000s of years of history telling the same story I CAN generalize.
    I stand by my original post. Does anyone expect anything different from black males? Stereotypes exist for a reason. Blacks in the USA are the most successful blacks on Earth, but the only reason they have success is because of the “Great Diversity Lie” & the charity blessed upon them by white people. Every successful black in the USA falls into 2 categories. Entertainment or Politics. Despite the media propaganda – the facts are the facts. Sports, dancing, singing, talk shows, Acting, everything is entetainment or politics. Politics are just popularity contests – so politicians can be dumb as rocks & still be elected. Name a famous Black & they fall in these 2 categories.
    Knowing this….I expect nothing less from dumb athletes that put a rubber ball in a metal cylinder. Does anyone expect anything else from low IQ blacks? Certainly history is a teacher. Current events fall right in line with history. It is what it is. MC Hammers, Latrell Sprewells, OJ Simpsons, Tupac Shakurs, Michael Vicks, & Bobby Browns of the world are everywhere & I expect very little from them in the intellectual department. Going broke is what they do best. Even the partial Blacks like Tiger Woods think stupid.
    I like black people & enjoy being entertained by them – but they’re not smart. No Diversity lie is going to make them smart. Until I see blacks do something like Louis Pasteur, Alexander Bell, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Galileo, Da Vinci & Beethoven or Shakespeare – I cant get worked up about a guy that runs really fast. And….I cant see what benefit he brings to the world other than entertainment. Just because the brainwashing media wants me to believe blacks are intelligent that doesnt make it true.

    Deep down inside, blacks know this is true too, although they would never admit it. They have that pride thing going on – but what they are proud of confuses me. In any case they know they are dumb & thats precisely why they chase white women. They know by breeding out their wretched genes – their progeny has a better chance of success. Cant blame them really. Whites are far far intellectually superior. Plus++++ they have this thing about revenge & it makes them feel warm & fuzzy to damage the white gene pool. Whatever their reasons – blacks know they are the dumbest race on earth. How can anyone keep their head in the sand too long without noticing. Its quite obvious.

    So…in summary. Blacks have little ability to learn. They entertain us & complain alot. USDOJ stats say they have a big propensity towards violence. Throughout the world they rely on other races charity & guidance. The smartest blacks are intellectually average at best. But they excel in entertainment & they can run really fast & jump really high. They like to breed with several women. Anatomically they have smaller brains & an extra muscle in their leg. They are famous for making bad decisions & have zero ability to follow rules or laws. They are lazy. They are not clean. They are generally ugly. When the 11 deciples of Jesus spread throughout the world to preach the gospel – all 11 avoided Africa even though it was right next door. No significant Engineering, Architecture, Agriculture, Astronomy, Mathematics, Science, Medicine, Literature, or invention has been attributed to blacks throughout human history. They are easily addicted, manipulated & conquered & they possess no loyalty.

    Really….was anyone surprised Jason Caffey is broke?

  4. JH Says:

    I find it sadly entertaining that you assume to speak for ANY race with as many false statements made in your comments. Instead of wasting your time entertaining people with smoke screen propaganda and vile statements against other human beings, you should better serve yourself by using the internet to learn. It is now the fastest way to check your facts and teach you to keep your fingers from ever touching a keyboard again with your brain being engaged. If you want to be taken seriously, check your facts like Louis Pasteur, Alexander Bell, Ben Franklin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Galileo, Da Vinci & Beethoven and Shakespeare before they made public statements.

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