“Flip flops will KILL YOU!” or “Why Nobody Takes News Seriously Anymore”

Wearing Flip-Flops Could Lead to Foot Pain, Local Doc Warns
by KYW’s Lynne Adkins

The summer sizzle is upon us and for most of that means shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops. But that may not make your feet happy.

Those flat rubber shoes may look great but may not be the best choice of footwear for long periods of time. Dr. Tracey Vlahovic is associate professor at Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine:

“Most people, their feet just don’t match up with a flip-flop. Most people have a bit of a flat foot and sometimes wearing a flip-flop can exacerbate any problems they have or may have.”

She says that if you start having foot pain, put the flats away and find a good running shoe or other footwear with good arch support. And, she says, stretching the leg muscles before and after wearing flat shoes can help.

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One Response to ““Flip flops will KILL YOU!” or “Why Nobody Takes News Seriously Anymore””

  1. Matt Says:

    Maybe I should stop wearing my banana hammock too, since that could cause…ummm…other pain. What a bunch of idiots! All I have to say is if you have something wrong with you, go read a book about it and find out how to get it fixed. Don’t listen to some moron doctor who studied all the latest info from the drug companies on how to keep you addicted. ARGH!

    There…diatribe finished.

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