Balloon animals are just the beginning

Yep, that’s “Halo’s” Master Chief made entirely of balloons. Cool…but very creepy at the same time. I imagine there’s an unholy alliance between clowns, magicians (balloon-character makers), and mimes. I can’t put my finger on it, but hey, it was no coincidence that John Wayne Gacy, Jr. dressed up as a clown to lure his victims. Anyway, ck. out a few of the cool creations, and follow the link to see even more. Down with mylar!

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5 Responses to “Balloon animals are just the beginning”

  1. BDF Says:


  2. coolguy98 Says:

    Ur a fat looser, get a life and stop making baloon figures in ur parents garage

    P.S. Kill ur self

  3. MeeMeesiko Says:

    To the guy above^

    You are a bitch. If this is what you use the internet for, grow up and stop paying for your internet.

    My guess is that you are 12-14 years old, have no girlfriend, and also live with your parents.

    So suck one.

  4. jfrog Says:

    this guy is insanely talented, I can barely blow up one balloon without popping it, these characters look like they’re made up of HUNDREDS

  5. me123 Says:

    i agree with you ↑

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